When we thought of the S.Craft (standing for Sapphire Craft) and started to design, our goal was to construct watches in such a way that the wearer could observe the movement parts and interactions with as unobstructed a view as possible.

Sapphire case

The timepieces features a solid sapphire case that has been carefully machined from a single block of sapphire crystal. The aim, of course, is to offer full visual access to the multi-level movement, from all possible angles.

Sapphire (known in mineralogical circles as Corundum) is the third hardest material on Earth, only moissanite (9.25) and diamonds (10) exceed its hardness ranking (9) on the Mohs scale.

It is almost entirely scratch-proof, and the process by which it is made into a finished watch case is extraordinarily difficult. For watchmakers, creating a case from a block of sapphire is a true technical challenge.

It requires long and complex machining, grinding and polishing processes and superior expertise.

Skeletonized movement

The eye-catching heart of our watches is the skeletonized automatic ETA movement 2892-A2, which carries a power reserve of approximately 42hours and is beyond any doubts, one of the most reliable and trouble-free movements in the industry.

This movement beats at 28’800 BPH (beats per hour) 4Hz and it is decorated with polished steel screws. It has undergone extensive skeletonizing thus reducing the bridges and main plate to a minimal see-through framework.

The same goes for the rotor which is opened like the rest of the movement to allow a clear view of the wheels and pinions interacting.